Programs at SSC


  • Premiere training package that includes everything SSC has to offer
  • Semi-personal training in a small group setting (4 or less)
  • Choose how many training sessions you want to schedule per week (1x, 2x, or 3x per week)
  • Flexible scheduling with time slots available in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings
  • Workout sessions designed to be difficult, but can be modified to suit any age/ability level
  • Designed and supervised by a professional, certified Personal Trainer
  • Focuses on total body functional strength, proper movement, and overall endurance
  • Package includes unlimited Human Performance HIIT Circuit Classes and Unlimited open gym use
  • Accountability and mentorship to help you reach your personal fitness goals.


  • 45 minute sessions
  • Any age or ability level
  • ONE-on-ONE – it’s just you and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Professional
  • Designed to provide the most beneficial workout experience possible
  • Training programs custom tailored to ensure that ANY individual goals are met
  • Focuses on functional total body functional strength, movement, and endurance
  • Accountability and mentorship to help you reach your personal fitness goals.


  • Reach your athletic potential with proper strength and conditioning guidance and supervision from a certified professional
  • 1 hour sessions
  • Ages 12+ (younger athletes are accepted only by assessment and approval)
  • All sessions are performed in groups, but each exercise in the session can be modified to accommodate different skill levels
  • Designed to improve strength, athletic ability and overall performance for ANY SPORT
  • Prevent injury by building a stronger, more resilient athlete
  • The design is similar to a collegiate-level strength and conditioning programs, and will provide the athlete with proper techniques and knowledge that will serve as a foundation moving forward in their athletic career
  • Concentrating on strength training, speed and agility drills, developing core strength
  • Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting with an emphasis on technique and safety


  • 1 hour classes in a group setting
  • High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) with a variety of workout formats (circuit, Tabata, etc.)
  • Focuses on total body functional strength, mobility, balance, core strength and endurance
  • Instruction and supervision provided by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Professional
  • Designed to optimize human performance through a variety of exercises and workouts
  • Lose weight, build total-body strength, and get into the best shape of your life
  • Experience and learn new exercise techniques and work muscles you didn’t even know you had
  • Join our community of friendly, like-minded people – maybe even make some new friends 🙂


  • Use our state-of-the-art training facility at your convenience
  • Work around your busy schedule – no excuse to miss a workout!
  • Design your own programming, or choose a professionally designed workout from our archive
  • Receive tips, technique critique, and advice from our staff of certified trainers (during staffed hours)